2008 Photo Contest Categories

Most Mishievous – Name and owner unknown


Sweet Dreams – Owner, Christine N – Zephyr


Busted – Owner, Debbie Greatbanks -  Chai the Great


Best Business- Robin G, Charlie, Merry Eve, Khristopher, Silvio  Done , May/June issue

Dirtiest Ferret – Owner, Christine N. –Able & Ramona

Too Cute – Owner, Debbie Greatbanks, Royal Chai


2007 Photo Contest Categories

In the catagory of "Most Beautiful " the winner is Sugar .
Sugar owns Debby G.

In the catagory of "How Do They Do That?" the winner is Donner.
Donner owns Christine N.

In the catagory of "Most Handsome" is Starbuck. Starbuck owns Debby G.

We had a tie in the "Who Me" catagory.
This Handsome sable boy is Achilles. Achilles owns Carolyn.

Peek a boo I see you! Meet Casper. Casper owns Lili P.

Winner for "Best Pose" is Ben. Ben owns Christine F.


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