Lost and Found Ferrets

If you have a lost or found animal to report, please contact Chris K. at (619) 440-8823 or at wuv2sing@cox.net. Since time is of the essence with a lost ferret, your message will be posted to the website as quickly as possible including any contact information you provide. If you prefer, you can put our contact information in the notice and add a postscript indicating how we are to contact you should we hear anything. You can also place pictures of your lost ferret on this page by emailing them to the webmaster. PLEASE NOTE: The webmaster receives information to be posted in all areas of this website, so please indicate in your message that your announcement is to be posted on the Lost page. Be sure to see the bottom of this page for some helpful hints in case your ferret becomes lost.

When contacting us with lost or found information, please remember that this site is viewed by folks throughout the entire State of California as well as around the world. Please use the following checklist in providing us with information to post:

  • Date of occurence
  • Name of town/city
  • Name of county where town/city is located
  • Description of ferret (include photo if possible)
  • Contact information


Lost Ferret Name Dolly. I was lost on Tuesday April 23 in the city of Alhambra, Caclose to San Gabriel valley and L.A. county.I went out side to explore but know I'm lost and don't now how to get home please help. I have a bald spot in my lower back. please take me home. Contact my parents at 626-457-8187

Lost and Found Archived

Helpful Hints in Locating Lost Ferrets

  1. Use bright colored paper flyers. Remember, Kinko's is open 24 hours. If you don't want to use your phone number, use a friend's or call FA, let them know the details, and use that number.
  2. Be brave: call your local shelter. Some shelters are ferret friendly and most will work with CDFA on relocation.
  3. Let all local vets and pet stores know a ferret is out. People often take found animals to both places.
  4. Post flyers at popular places: day care center, liquor stores, donut shops, and places where there is a lot of foot traffic.
  5. Post flyers over a wide area; ferrets can travel.
  6. Use masking tape for sign placement.
  7. Use high powered lights that run off a car cigarrette lighter and flashlights to see into all the dark nooks and crannies outside.
  8. Talk to everyone: joggers, kids, bikers, mail carriers, trashmen, ice cream men, etc.
  9. Have previously trained your ferret to come to a whistle, squeaky toy, or something else. This doesn't always work when they are out in a new area and could be too afraid to respond.
  10. Say a few prayers. A lot are found; some, we never know what happened to them.

Good luck.



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