Ferret Picks ... and Ferret Pans

FROM: The FerretPaw Print, November/December 2000

Warm Soft Places

Ferret Picks..
All ferrets like warm, soft places to hide, and some of the best are the warm soft places found in your dresser drawer, or your laundry basket, or your dirty clothes piled in the corner. Ferrets can't seem to get enough of those tight spaces! If your little fuzzball goes missing, the first place to check is the dresser drawers; and I don't mean just the low ones. Some ferrets' favorite spots are in the top drawer nestled between all your clean socks! And if they can't get to the clean ones, they are just as happy sleeping on the dirty ones!

At this holiday time, some new and interesting places pop up to hide and sleep in, such as that Santa hat you wear to work each Christmas season. Take it off, lay it next to your ferret and see how fast he or she decides it is a new bed! (This is a great way to get super cute holiday pictures, by-the-way.) Another favorite is the holiday stocking, but make sure it is nice and roomy. A too-small stocking doesn't hold much in the way of ferrets or goodies.

And when you have to go away for the weekend during this high-travel time, make sure to leave a soft sweat shirt or pair of sweats recently worn by you, with your ferret. The scent of you on your clothing is comforting to your little pal, and will take away some of the stress of your not being there.

And Ferret Pans
Since our little friends like to hide in small warm places, sometimes they can be misplaced, lost, or even hurt. It is extremely important during this busy, bustling season to keep tabs on your pet ferret. Don't let your company let your ferret out the door because, "He looked like he wanted to go outside."

When your guests throw their coats and purses onto the bed in the guest room, make sure that your ferret is not in there, also on the bed, easily sat on under those nice bulky coats, or perhaps rummaging through purses stealing Lord knows what, or even worse, eating chocolates, rubber bands, and anything else found in pockets or pocket books.

And when it is time to clean up, make sure you know where your ferret is! I have heard horribly true tales of ferrets killed in the easy chair when grandpa got up, or critters picked up with the dirty wash load and thrown into the machine inadvertently. The result was not good.

Please take extra care this holiday season to make sure your pet is healthy and safe. No one should have to endure the pain of losing a pet during the holidays (or at any other time if they can help it!). Stay safe and have a marvelous Holiday Season!

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