Paws to Reflect - Ferret Sitting

FROM: The FerretPaw Print, November/December 1999

While recently recuperating from an injury, I was unable to take care of my ferrets (I was so weak that I couldn't lift their water bowl to clean it). My children went to live with the most wonderful surrogate mother I could ask for. She not only gave them a home for over two months, but played with them, gave them love, and treated them as if they were her own. I missed them terribly, but knew they were being well taken care of.

It is of vital importance that when you leave town, you have someone you trust to watch your special pets. Someone who is aware of their special needs and who will take the time to treat them the way you would. And, most importantly, someone who knows what to do if your pet needs any special veterinary care (such as medications or injections, or unexpected treatment).

Your peace of mind and your ferret's physical and mental health depend on finding a good caretaker while you are away. Once you have found that special person, treat them well! They are to be cherished and thanked profusely for all the care, love, and attention they provide your special pet.


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