10 Commandments For a Responsible Ferret Guardian

1) My life is likely to last 5-10 years. Any separation from you will be painful. When you decide to make me part of your life, let it be forever. If at some time in our lives you cannot keep me, make sure that my new home will provide what I need and will supply the love, care and socialization I crave.

2) Let me teach you to understand me and what I need from you. I will test you from time to time to make sure you remember those lessons.

3) Keep me safe and secure. Protect me from others that would harm me. I depend on you. You are my lifeline.

4) Talk to me and cuddle me. Your voice is as enjoyable to my ears as birds sweetly singing are to yours. Your gentle touch is as warm as the soft rays of the sun.

5) I need fresh nutritional food and fresh water, warm clean blankets to cuddle in during the winter, cool clean blankets to lie on in the heat of the summer. My litter box and cage should be cleaned daily. Hugs and social time each and every day. Do not put me in a cage outside. I belong inside with my family.

6) I will make mistakes. I am not perfect. Be gentle when you correct me.

7) Don’t get angry with me. I am an intelligent, joyous, curious creature and I WILL get into things. Know that this is how I am. I am not trying to be destructive. I depend on you to watch out for me and protect me from danger.

8) Never hit me or shake me. I am small and can be hurt very easily. When you are angry at someone or something else, do not take it out on me. I have nothing to give you but love and joy. This is my true nature.

9) Take special care of me as I grow older. I may play less, but I still love you just as much as when I was young enough to dance. Monitor me closely for I will experience ailments as I grow older.

10) When I no longer enjoy life and I am in pain with no relief, please stay with me till the end. I have given you my life and love. Don’t disappoint me in my last moments here on this earth. Tell me that you love me and hold me close. Let my passing be gentle.

Always remember that I love you.

Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do thoroughly ferret proof your house.
  2. Do feed your ferret a good high protein ferret food.
  3. Do make sure your ferret has plenty of out of cage time.
  4. Do regular ear cleaning & nail clipping, they are a must.
  5. Do clean litter boxes twice a day. Ferrets like a clean home.
  6. Do a yearly veterinarian check-up, it’s essential!
  7. Do make sure all bedding is kept clean and trimmed of loose threads.
  8. Do socialize your ferrets with other animals and people, this makes for a happier pet.
  9. Do be a forever owner – ferrets are not disposable.
  10. Do start a monthly savings account toward future vet visits.


  1. Don’t kiss an unknown ferret on the lips.  Ask first!
  2. Don’t neglect your ferrets, ferrets love to play & cuddle.
  3. Don’t accidentally sit on your ferret. Check where you sit before you land.
  4. Don’t over bathe your ferret.
  5. Don’t leave your ferret around an unsupervised child.
  6. Don’t neglect your ferret’s health issues.
  7. Don’t step on that lump in your throw-rug. It may be a sleeping ferret.
  8. Don’t let your ferret get over heated.
  9. Don’t allow your ferret around other ferrets with unknown health issues.
  10. Don’t allow your ferret around poisonous houseplants.                    


All of us have ferret stories that we would like to share with others.  If you have a story that you think someone else would like to hear or if you just want to share, please either write us or email us.

I would like to tell you about Pandora.  I got Pandora at the last Round-Up.  Her owner couldn’t keep her any longer and I needed another one like a hole in the head.  Pandora was about a year old and came with her name.  I came to understand that she had been named appropriately.  Pandora is a small German silver mitt and is totally full of it.  She has more energy than a spinning top and can travel just about as fast.  That first night in the hotel room she kept eight of us entertained as we sat around and talked and watch her run, explore, climb and cover the room.  Now almost a year later, she never ceases to amaze me.  You can just look at her and see her thinking or trying to figure something out.  She is a problem solver.  For Pandora’s own safety, she is kept in my bedroom, but she loves to be out in the house with the boys.  I have a new barrier in the door that keeps her in; she used to be able to jump the old one, which was okay until she was found at the neighbor’s one day.  She can jump better than any ferret I have seen.  Since she was now allowed out with the boys only when the cat door to the enclosed patio was locked and I let her out, she was always trying to figure out how to get out.  When I was going on vacation, I put my suitcase over the barrier and put my right leg over and slower than usual brought my left leg over.  Attached to my left pant leg was Pandora!  She had finally figured out how to get a ride out of the bedroom, much to my surprise and one more thing to add to my list of instructions, Watch out for the Flying Pandine, her new name.  By the barrier I have put newspaper on top of a plastic carpet runner because the barrier has formed two new corners.  One day when I was bending over to replace the newspaper, Pandora climbed up my leg, onto my back and was about to take a flying leap from my head to her freedom when I grabbed her.  She is truly something else and I love her dearly.

This is my seven month old Mikey. I just wanted to share him with you.

My boyfriend and I are new ferret parents. Our ferret is 9 weeks old and her name is "Li'l B" or "Bee" for short... We took this picture of her a couple of days ago, and it was so priceless I had to share it with other ferret lovers. -Karen L.

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