This is a list of Ferret-Friendly Vets in California that has been compiled by friends and members of Ferrets Anonymous. Ferrets Anonymous makes no claims as to the quality and/or experience of the included vets. Please choose your vet as carefully as you would your own doctor.

Listings in this directory can be queried by telephone area code, city, county, or Zip Code. Since the Vet Directory is “Ferret-Friendly,” many vets who may be located in your town, but who do not treat ferrets, will not be listed.

If your ferret’s veterinarian is not listed please email us directly so we can update our information. Likewise, if your vet has a change in practice, address, phone number, or if any other information in their listing is different than what we have printed, please let us know so we can correct it. If you know a vet who no longer treats ferrets, please tell us. When emailing us with updates, please include all information from the current listing. We are constantly updating the Directory so any information you can provide is appreciated.

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Thank you to the following Veterinarians that support Ferrets Anonymous by advertising.  And for their continued dedication to the well being of the domesticated ferret.

Acacia Animal Hospital
Gary Gallerstein, D.V.M
655 W. Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA  92026

All Pets Medical Centre
Amy Worell, D.V. M., ABVP
7606 Fallbrook Ave.
West Hills, CA  91304

Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital
Jeffrey Jenkins, D.V.M.
Todd R. Cecil, D.V. M
2317 Hotel Circle, Suite C
San Diego, CA  92108

Cote Animal Hospital
Irene Mary Cote, D.V.M
8915 Towne Centre Dr.
San Diego, CA  92122

Pet Hospital of Penasquitos
Thomas H. Boyer, D.V.M
G. Rochelle Brinton, D.V.M
9888 Carmel Mountain Rd. Suite F
San Diego, CA  92129

Rancho San Diego Veterinary Hospital
Rosanne Brown, D.V.M.
Suzanne Peterson, D.V.M
Avi Shaprut, D.V.M
Janet Loken D.V.M
2988 Jamacha Rd.
El Cajon, CA  90219

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